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Contact Lenses are medical devices that must be properly fitted in order to provide optimum clarity. As a contact lens practitioner, we strive to provide quality care with the latest designs and materials available. A Contact Lens Specialist uses his expertise to fit the best lens possible.

In your first visit, we will analize your prescription, usually this can be taken directly from your eyeglasses or from the eyeglasses prescription that is supplied by the referring doctor. We perform a pre-fit by initially taking corneal measurements with a topographer or a keratometer. During this visit, we determine your candidacy for soft or semi soft lenses. Parameters are calculated via computer, In many cases, you may leave that same day with contact lenses. Our rate of sucess is very high and we will dare to say that if you require eyeglasses to see then you may be corrected with contact lenses. If you are new to contact lenses or had a less than a desired experienced in another location, you may be surprised at what we can do for you with contact lenses! From contact lenses for dry eyes to conditions such as keratoconus, we do them all. We also have a prosthetic department for theatrical or injured corneas. We also polish and service eye prosthesis.