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Our doctors are experts in their field and can assist you with any ocular condition from complicated strabismus cases (eye deviations) to simple removal of skin lesions such as bumps and lumps (i.e. Chalazions or styes). Eyeglass examinations are available as well.

Our Optical Center has exclusive designs and the latest High Definition and Digital lenses. If you want unique eyewear, you can design its shape and we will do it.

If you had your eye examination was done elsewhere, you are welcomed to use our eyeglass service! Many times eye doctors will write a prescription and the patient does not know how they will see with the new script. We will do a trial frame of your prescription (temporary spectacles) so that you can evaluate how you will see with your new lenses. See before you buy is a great way of reassuring yourself of the improvement in your sight.

Expert Repairs and adjustments...

If you have broken eyeglasses or a scrathched lens we can help! We can repair the frame and if it is not repairable, we can exchange it. Exchanging frames requires a skillful optician so that inter pupillary distance is matched on the new frame as well as the segment height if the are progressive lenses. Titanium frames can be soldered. The titanium soldering is done with expertise and warranted.